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Lighting Control

Roughly 40 percent of all energy use in commercial buildings is due to lighting. Incorporating lighting control into your overall building management strategy is essential to maximizing energy savings. Barg offers a number of solutions to help get you there, be it retrofitting an older building control system or the latest ultra-green design for new construction.

Our specialties include all the services you need to maintain your lighting control systems, including:

- Design and installation of lighting control system solutions

- Repairs and replacement parts of all lighting devices

- System upgrades of lighting control and automation suite Troubleshooting and repair of hardware problems, and verification of scheduled (24 / 7 emergency support)

- General maintenance and clean-up of system components

- Designing and maintaining operating manuals

- Providing backups of lighting control system programming

- Design of control system graphic screens

- Training your system administrators to operate and manage your lighting control systems