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Our installation capabilities are strategically complemented with an array of industrial support services. Our timely response to breakdowns & unexpected emergencies ensures our customers an expedited return to normal operations & productivity.


- Metal fabrication & foundaries

- Chemical production

- Paper & paper products manufacturing

- Textile manufacturing

- Tobacco processing

- Health services

- Lumber & wood products

- Furniture manufacturing

- Power plants

- Rubber processing

- Food & food product processing

- Telecommunications companies

- Adhesive manufacturing

- Electronics

- Transformer manufacturing

- General contractors

Our Services include:

Mechanical Installation

Installation all kinds of pipelines

Installation for all kinds of all the valves that are used in the industrial process

Installation the metal structure for the industrial institutions

Installation all kinds of pumps

Installation for all kinds of compressors

Installation of firefighting systems

Installation of all kinds of conveyors

Installation of all the equipment and devices that are used in the industrial process

Installation of different air systems

Installation of different hydraulic systems

Make all the tests and preparations before starting operating the equipment and devices in the industrial institutions.

Electrical Installation

Install of all kinds of electrical transformers of middle and low potential which are produced according to the international standards

Install lighting system that works against the atmosphere and explosive conditions.

Install lightening protection systems

Install cables tray and its accessories

Install all control panels with engines which are selected and assembled internally or via international companies

Install SCADA systems incorporate with the major companies that specialized in programming

Install all measuring devices (pressure measuring – temperature….. etc)

Install and programming all PLC devices

Install firefighting alarm systems


install all low potential distributing panels that concerns the new residential areas

Extend electrical cable lines

Other works

Sandblasting, painting and coating.

Building of the scaffolding.

Thermal insulation.