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 Today’s energy market is becoming ever more complex and demanding. While electricity costs continue to rise, legal requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, thus creating economic barriers. All of these factors significantly reduce the profitability of facilities used for industrial applications. Optimization measures to increase plant efficiency are therefore becoming ever more important – measures that require an in-depth knowledge of the industry in question and of its technologies. Barg knows the specific requirements of the different industries and offers service solutions that are fine-tuned to the needs of industrial applications.

From oil & gas, food & beverage through to other process industries – Barg service solutions ensure an efficient and reliable operation throughout the entire life cycle of your plant. Our portfolio comprises maintenance solutions as well as repair and modernization measures for Solar System, compressors and generators, including their component.

Service Solutions to Optimize Your Industrial Plants

   - Maintenance Solutions- Repairs

  - Lifetime Extension

  - Project Management

  - Training and Consulting