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Smart Building Technology

Smart Building Solutions by Barg are designed to form a comprehensive suite of services to help clients maximize energy savings, improve security, and enhance occupant comfort by creating a Smart Building.

Imagine sensors installed on parking lot lights that detect when your employees arrive for work and can turn on just the right amount of exterior lighting. A Secure Card Access System that identifies the employee who is entering the building and automatically permits access within designated areas of the facility. The Card Access System communicates with the Building Management System (BMS) to enable the heating & cooling system within the employees designated work area. Web enable applications available on employee smartphones provides them with the ability to adjust their own space temperature. Occupancy sensors that can monitor movement throughout the facility to further manage your buildings lighting, security, and heating & cooling. Emergency Notification Systems that communicate with local Police Departments, Staff, Visitors, and your Card Access, CCTV, and BMS systems to single handedly provide a secure defense.

Because Smart Building technology works together with Information Technology (IT), enhanced solutions, such as conference room scheduling integrated with lighting and temperature can occur automatically. Dashboards can display educational and operational efficiency information. These are just some of the advantages of our company's powerful solutions that we can provide along with many others:

- Optimize building performance and functionality

- Reduce energy consumption and costs

- Reduce operating costs

- Improve occupant and asset security

- Increase comfort

- Manage your building or campus with ease