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Solar Energy

We design, supply, install and commission high efficient solar systems and manufacture all kinds of metal related solar components.The solar power comes with a high-powered battery backup system (which provides emergency load power for your home even when the electric grid is down during emergency situations). An off-grid solar is available for your use at any time. Off grid solar systems are great for those who live in remote locations where bringing in the electric grid is extremely expensive or inconvenient, or blackout happened frequently or those who prefer to not have a monthly bill with the electric bill at all.

  • Grid-Tie without batteries

These systems offer lower cost and higher efficiency for those wanting to just sell power (turn the meter backwards). Since these systems don't have batteries, they don't offer power backup. When the grid goes down, they go down. However, they save the cost of the batteries, battery box, charge controller, Main DC disconnect, etc. They require virtually no maintenance. They also are about 10 to 15% more efficient, so they put more power back into the grid. Battery-less systems make sense in more urban areas with stable power supply.