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Integrated Applications

Our integrated applications enable you to increase your building’s energy efficiency, thus lowering significantly operating costs – without loss of comfort in any of the rooms. Individual room control alone provides for up to 30% energy savings. The automatic exchange of data from room control with the primary heating and cooling plant provides for significant energy savings and builds the basis for energy efficiency class A.

The products made and supplied by us excel in high quality and ease of operation. When networked as a system, they allow users to operate their building automation and control system straightforwardly and fast.

A presence and motion detector is used to ensure that energy is consumed only when a room is occupied.

The applications are flexible and can be easily adapted and extended, depending on individual needs. A presence and motion detector with an integrated brightness sensor offers an additional opportunity to save energy - the constant lighting control. It maintains the level of lighting at a preset or user-defined value to optimally utilize the available daylight and reduce energy costs.



Up to 30% energy savings thanks to individual room control

Up to 20% energy savings thanks to time- and presence-dependent temperature control

Up to 70% energy savings thanks to demand-controlled ventilation

Up to 45% energy savings thanks to time-, presence- and daylight-dependent control of lighting

Up to 30% energy savings thanks to time- and daylight-dependent control of shading